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Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie BookBumzy's Chocolate Chip Cookies is among the select (bakeries, food trucks, restaurants) featured in the new "Great American Chocolate Chip Cookie Book" (Countryman Press, $19.95, Author, Carolyn Wyman, Oct. 2013).

The book is the first and only complete history, guidebook and cookbook about America's favorite cookie, featuring the never-before-told true story of the cookie's invention at the Toll House restaurant 75 years ago this year, interviews with chocolate chip icons, Famous Amos and Mrs. Fields, and more than 75 recipes, as well as a state-by-state survey of today's premiere chocolate chip cookie makers, including, Bumzy's Chocolate Chip Cookies of San Francisco.

The book is available at Barnes & Noble, amazon.com, independent brick-and-mortar andonline retailers nationwide. You may also stop by Bumzy's to purchase a copy of this book along with a free cookie sample.

Visit www.greatamericanchocolatechipcookiebook.com/about for more information.